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About Us
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Here at Seashore Labradoodles we focus on producing top quality Australian Labradoodles in a loving home
setting! All of our doodles enjoy life to the fullest in
Sunny Southern California! We have a cozy place on the
coast (Orange County) where our doodles can chase their ball on the beach, play in the waves and (if mom
stops working for a few) maybe take a weekend stroll down the boardwalk for brunch! We also get to enjoy our
home in the beautiful San Diego mountains where the doodles can run around & explore the acreage!
The amazing mama and papa Seashore Labradoodles either live with us (wherever we are) or with one of our
loving Guardian Families, that we are so thankful to have as part of the Seashore Family! No matter what we
are enjoying all the doodle love we can take and amazing Southern California!!

I am very fortunate to have been involved in breeding since I was a very young child; I grew up in a house full
of dog lovers & have never gone long without doggie snuggles & the smell of puppy breath!
For years I had helped my mom raise Miniature Schnauzers but stopped to focus on work and family.
After less than two years of not having a dog I decided it was absolutely not for me, I mean who wants to go to
the bathroom alone :-) So even though I loved Schnauzers I began searching for that “Perfect Dog”!
I wanted a dog a little larger and more athletic for long walks on the beach but a dog that would also be
content to just lounge on the couch with us and watch a movie. Of course a dog that is very intelligent
and highly trainable was also a necessity. Oh and one of the most important things,
a non-shedding dog that was also allergy friendly.

After months of research, and a little begging, we finally decided on an Australian Labradoodle!
After bringing my first Australian Labradoodle home I was in love! Not only was Celery a gorgeous dog
(I literally could not walk a block without being stopped!) but he was also loving (mama's boy!), playful, so
eager to learn (could outsmart me in 5 seconds), and of course non-shedding. Once I went through several
training courses with my Celery I got to see for myself the unlimited potential in the Australian Labradoodles
and I was truly amazed. I then started digging more into all the necessary health testing and gathering more
information on thebreeding of these wonderful dogs.

I ultimately decided I had to start breeding again and working more with this wonderful breed. I am so glad I
did, and although our program is small that’s the way we like it! It permits us to enjoy our doodles and family
plus gives us the extra time to work with all our puppies in a way that ensures that they grow to be
the best dogs they can be!

At Seashore Australian Labradoodles our dogs and puppies are raised inside our home with us! We take great
pride in the meticulous care and attention to detail with all of our fur-babies. This includes taking the time to
start proper training and socialization, feeding only quality food with DHA, & we implement the BioSensor/
Superdog program with each puppy. (The Superdog program is a series of early neurological stimulation
exercises we do daily with each puppy. For more information visit:
This Article.) We thoroughly enjoy
nurturing and caring for puppies in a way that allows them to be the perfect new addition to your family!
Seashore Labradoodles
Here at Seashore Australian Labradoodles we strictly adhere to the Breeder's Code of Ethics and
Australian Labradoodle Breed Standards!