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We do NOT sell to Kennels, Pet Stores, or Puppy Brokers!
Seashore Labradoodles retains the right to refuse service to anyone. At the discretion of  breeder puppy deposits can be returned at anytime. Any return of deposits
means that any and all verbal or implied agreements to sell a puppy to applicants are now terminated.
The price of available Labradoodles is subject to change based on age, training, health testing, or any other reasons Seashore Labradoodles deems necessary.
We want all of our dogs and puppies to live a happy and healthy life, so we offer a Lifetime Take Back Policy. If for ANY reason you can no longer care for your
Seashore Australian Labradoodle we will help you place him/her in a pre-qualified pet home.
If you have any questions feel free to email us at:
Adoption Information
PLEASE DO NOT send a deposit via PayPal/Zelle (or any other method) without our approval!!

Each Seashore Australian Labradoodle goes home with:
A 2 year Genetic Health Warranty
3+ Generation Pedigree
A microchip so that your puppy can always be identified
Sample package of top quality, Earthborn Holistic dog food (the food your puppy is used to eating)
Up to Date Vaccination and Health Record
A comprehensive Seashore Australian Labradoodle Puppy Information Packet
Biodegradable poop bags
Puppy Treats
Collar & Leash
Stuffed toy with mama and sibling's scent
High Quality Chew Toy
Puppy Blanket with mommy and litter mate's comforting scent
Quality Rubber Ball
Digital photos of your Puppy's first months
A Lifetime of Support
& We also start each puppy on their Basic Training!

Total Adoption Cost: $3,300.00

PLEASE DO NOT send a deposit via PayPal (or any other method) without our approval!!

Once the puppies are born a second deposit of $1,500 is due.
The remaining balance of your new puppy is due by their 6th week.
*We ONLY accept PayPal for the initial $500 deposit (Paypal is an additional 3.49% fee ~$517.45 total~. We no longer accept personal
checks & we do not accept ANY form of check payment on puppies going home within 14 days.*
All payments with the exception of the initial $500 deposit are refundable, refundable payments are returned within 14 business days via
money order or cashiers check.
If you cancel your puppy reservation within two week of the litter's proposed go home date any refundable
deposits paid will be returned via check in 14 business days or as soon as your spot on the waitlist is filled by another family (whichever
comes first). We also reserve the right to keep your non-refundable deposit and may choose not to proceed in placing a puppy with you in
the future.
As a courtesy we have asked that you let us know right away if you are considering not taking a puppy from the waitlist you are
on, we understand emergencies cases, but otherwise we have likely turned away families that would have been a great fit for that litter so last
minute cancellations are unbecoming.

We will NOT ship our puppies!!
We like to meet all of our puppy families in person so you must come to our home in Southern California to pickup your new baby.
If you are unable to make it to our home we can arrange to meet our puppy families at a more convenient location or hand delivery to
your nearest airport. If this is necessary please let us know by your puppy's 2nd week; additional fees may apply.
We are not responsible for your travel costs to meet, pickup, or return a puppy.
**All of our puppies go home on a strict Spay/Neuter/Sterilization Contract**
Seashore Labradoodle puppies are beloved members of our family from the moment they arrive and we want them all to
have the best lives possible. That is why we do our very best to give you as much information as possible and offer a lifetime
of support! Please go over the whole adoption process below and contact us if you have any questions.

First you must complete an Adoption Application. Once we receive and approve your application then we will schedule a
phone interview
, lastly if you would like to secure a puppy/place on a wait list your non-refundable $500 deposit is due
via PayPal (+3.49%), Money Order, or Cashier's Check. This deposit goes towards the total price of your new puppy. The
wait list for each litter goes in the order deposits were received, first deposit is first in the allocation process and third
deposit is third in the allocation process, etc.. Once the puppies are born if you are on the waiting list you will receive
updates on the litter. When the puppies are 10-12 weeks old they will be allocated to their new families. If size allows puppy
will be spayed/neutered and microchipped prior to going home. Remember there is minimal difference in the behavior or
temperament between males & females.
Once they are 10-12 weeks old they will be ready to go to their new forever families!
Thank you for considering a Seashore Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodle as a new addition to your family!
VISITATION POLICY: Families with an approved Adoption Application and
confirmed puppy reservation are able to come and visit their future puppy, the
litter, and dogs that live with us during allocations. Allocations are scheduled
once the litter is at least 8 weeks of age and have had their 1st vaccinations.
***We cannot keep your puppy past their "go home day". The date your puppy is to go home is given
approximately 8 weeks prior to the day, so please
clear your schedule for that entire day! We do understand
emergencies happen so if you are unable to make “go home day” contact us right away and we can help set you
up with a local trainer, wonderful puppy training camp, or (
our schedule permitting) we can possibly keep your
puppy for a maximum of 5 extra days for $35 a day. If we are unable to get ahold of you regarding your puppy,
place on a waitlist, or we cannot come to an agreeable arrangement regarding your puppy pickup your initial
$300 deposit may be forfeited or refunded at our discretion (any other payments will be refunded) and
your puppy/place on the waitlist will go to the next family on our waiting lists.***