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We do NOT sell to Kennels, Pet Stores, or Puppy Brokers.
We want all of our dogs and puppies to live a happy and healthy life, so we offer a Lifetime Take Back Policy. If for ANY reason you can no longer care for your
Seashore Australian Labradoodle we will help you place him/her in a pre-qualified pet home.
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Welcome to Seashore Labradoodles! We are an in home breeder of the wonderful Australian Labradoodle
located in beautiful southern California.
Here at Seashore Labradoodles we take great care to assure that all of our puppies are bred for exceptional
temperament, health, happiness, confirmation, and overall soundness. We speciali
ze in miniature and
medium Australian Labradoodles of many colors. All of our dogs come from top quality fully tested
Australian lines. We also do extensive health testing on all of our breeding dogs and take extra care to
produce Australian Labradoodles that will be the perfect addition to your family. The traits we strive for in
all of our pups are great health, excellent dispositions with high intelligence and a very intuitive nature,
allergy friendly coats, and most importantly an overall well-rounded happy puppy that will be an
extraordinary Service dog, Therapy Dog, or just a loving companion!

At Seashore Labradoodles all puppies are raised in our CA home as part of the family. This ensures that
every puppy gets the best care, sociali
zation and interaction possible with lots of love and attention.

All of our doodles are first and foremost members of the family that live, play, sleep, and eat in our home or
the home of a loving Guardian Family. We do
not have a kennel and our dogs have
never been exposed to the kennel environment!